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That was an idea of Pantelis Kaplanoglou, who suggested shooting a video with scenario, which would aim to promote OMEGA and airsoft in general, because, until now, all the videos that had a connection with the team, were abstracts from games that we have taken part. In a conversation with Fotis Efthymiadis (member of OMEGA and Night Threat), they ended up in the conclusion that it should be a project without borrowed scenes from action movies or borrowed music, as is customary in most video of that kind. Kostas Lioufis was added in the organizing team and almost immediately the company began working on the idea, setting up the script, music, etc. The whole process lasted almost six months with many difficulties, because the people who were involved were amateurs, but they had at their disposal borrowed professional equipment, support from all members of the club but also from professionals outside it.

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